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Civil Engineering

BMI (Building Information Modeling), 3D Modelling, Modular Construction, Asset Mapping, Internet of Things, etc.

  • Photovoltaic Glaze, Kinetic Roads, Self-healing Concrete, Kinetic Footfall, Thermal Bridging, 3D Modelling, Modular Construction, Asset Mapping, Internet of Things, and Drones are some of the latest technologies recently introduced in construction.
  • Self-healing Concrete, Thermal Bridging, Photovoltaic Glaze, Kinetic Footfall, Kinetic Roads, 3D Modelling, Modular Construction are the reform contributing to advancement in civil engineering.

  • A career in Civil Engineering is satisfying, challenging and offers promising prospects for upward progression. It is expected that the demand for Civil Engineers all over the world will only grow in the coming years. Engineering companies all over the world are in need of Civil Engineers to develop new technologies, build better buildings, create better cities, get people to where they want to go in the best way possible, and counter the devastating effects of climate change.
    One of the oldest engineering discipline, Civil engineering deals with the design, construction, & maintenance of man-made structures and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. From Transportation to Hydrology, Environmental to Construction, Civil Engineering is an area with a lot of diversity.

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